Simple Frozen Treats

We wanted to do a quick blog post to share Cheddar and Chester’s new favourite frozen treato!

It’s cheap and easy, home made and healthy, and if you use the same moulds as us, they’re super cute too. We made the treats at home and it took just minutes to prepare. Definitely worthwhile having a go.

What do I need?

  • Fat-Free Natural Yoghurt
  • Raspberries

You can choose different fruit if you like, or even add dog treats in there.

*Please make sure the Natural Yoghurt you use does not include sweetener such as xylitol as this can be fatal to dogs*

How do I do it?

  1. Get yourself a mould – an ice cube tray works just fine. If you want one like ours, try here, from Amazon.
  2. Chop up your raspberries into small pieces and add them to the moulds. Make sure they are spaced out.
  3. Spoon the fat free natural yoghurt in over the top.
  4. Put in your freezer for a couple of hours until solid.

And that is it! So simple, yet so tasty.

There are so many different things you can add to the yoghurt – strawberry, banana, dog treats… let us know what you decide!

A sausage dog holding a frozen treat in it's mouth

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