About Us

Cheddar and Chester are miniature long haired dachshunds, from England. The boys are Kennel Club registered and come from champion bloodlines. Their official colouring is shaded red. They have long silky hair which needs to be brushed regularly to keep them looking great! 

They came into this world on 6th July 2018 , which makes them two years old. When we say they are twins, we really mean it! They are from the same litter, so they are real brothers. In case you didn’t  notice, they look very similar, but the more photos and videos you see, the easier it is to tell them apart. 

We always think it’s really sweet that they will be together their whole lives, from birth. 

We were so dedicated to getting our sausage dogs that we drove over 3 hours each way to Newcastle, England to collect our boys. They were so worth the journey! 

Here is some info about each of the boys:



Nicknames: Cheddybear, Bear Bear, Big Boy, Chob, Chobber, Chobber Bobber, Goblin, Mr Bear, Big Head, Handsome Man… the list goes on!

Likes: Food, zoomies, bath time, mummy and of course, rubber duckies.

Dislikes: Nothing really, he is a happy little Bear.

Cheddar is the goodest boy. He is the happiest creature, who loves nothing more than playtime and zooming.

He is a very inquisitive dog, who loves to be fussed by anyone he meets! He is certain to make you laugh with his goofy personality and


Nicknames: Chester Roo, Roo Boy, Littlest Buddy, Baby Boy, Little Man, Boo Boy, Booey, Boo Boos, Rude Boy, Tiny Head, Sh*t Bag

Likes: Food, hosepipe, belly rubs, mummy and of course, borking. 

Dislikes: Doorbells, the rain, unknown noises.

Chester is an evil genius! His Kennel Club name is Trouble Maker and he definitely lives up to this. You can see the plan forming behind his eyes – he’s always figuring out what mischief he can cause next!

Having said that, he is a really affectionate little man who loves his family and insists upon daily bellyrubs.