10 Staycation Packing Essentials

After several UK staycations during the Coronavirus pandemic, our family have become seasoned pros at packing for a dog friendly break! So we thought we would let you guys in on our top tips to pack for your doggies.

Cheddar and Chester lay on a beach towel with wet fur
“This ice creams better be tasty!”

1. Your dogs’ food and bowls – you don’t want to get to your holiday destination and realise you have forgotten dog food, it can upset a dog’s stomach to change their food quickly. We feed raw, so it’s important that we find out if there is a way to keep their food frozen/refrigerated. We tend to go for properties with a fridge or freezer.

Also, don’t always assume your accommodation will provide bowls for dogs – so definitely pack your own.

2. Crate or pen – if your location allows it and you want to go out without your dogs, a crate or pen ensures there won’t be any unwanted messes when you return! Plus it gives them their own space to relax after a long day of adventuring.

3. Dog shampoo and an old towel – you never know when you’re going to get caught in a mucky spot and need to clean and dry your pup. Especially with dachshunds, they’re super low to the ground so Cheddar and Chester get filthy easily!

Chester running on the beach
“Playing on the beach is the most fun ever!” – Chester

4. Camera– or your smartphone. If you’re anything like our family, you’ll definitely want to take lots of holiday snaps of your furry friends.

5. Dog bed – make sure your doggo has somewhere comfy and familiar to sleep in. It can also double up as a car seat on the way.

6. Outfits and accessories– this is probably optional for some people, but we like to make sure the boys have a great selection of outfits to suit every occasion! You don’t want to wake up on an unexpected freezing day without a coat for your dog.

Also, be sure to attach a name tag with your phone number and address engraved- in the UK it’s the law that dogs in public must be wearing one. It will hopefully save a lot of hassle if the worst happened and your dog went missing.

Cheddar standing on a fallen log
“See, I am just a good at posing as Chester!” – Cheddar

7. Toys – don’t forget your puppers favourite toy! You might be so busy you don’t have chance to play, but it’s a nice extra to bring in case.

8. Research – before you go make sure you have looked up dog friendly places to visit – check out local attraction’s rules on dogs – you might be pleasantly surprised, like we were in Great Orme Mines in North Wales.

9. Water bottle – always pack a bottle to keep your pup hydrated on walks and hikes.

10. Poo bags – self explanatory really!

Bonus tip 11. – Cheddar and Chester instead we add this one – TREATOS. Make you sure you bring their favourite snacks to get their attention on walks, practice training or just for being good doggos. It’s also worth bringing a long lasting chew in case you head to a dog friendly restaurant or pub and want to keep your dog quiet.

Chester eating a dog ice cream
“This is too tasty to share with Cheddar!” – Chester

That’s our essentially packing list for our woofs, Cheddar and Chester approved!

Let us know if there is anything you would add.

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